Antarctic Science

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Biological Sciences

First record of feather-loss disorder in Antarctic penguins

Andrés Barbosaa1 c1, Roger Colominas-Ciuróa1, Nestor Coriaa2, Mara Centurióna2, Rosana Sandlera2, Agustina Negria2 and Mercedes Santosa2

a1 Departamento de Ecología Evolutiva, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC, C/José Gutiérrez Abascal, 2, 28006, Madrid

a2 Instituto Antártico Argentino, Departamento Predadores Tope, Cerrito 1248 (C1010AAZ), Buenos Aires, Argentina

(Received March 26 2014)

(Accepted May 15 2014)

(Online publication July 14 2014)