Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Short Communication

Lifting the screen on Neural organization: Is computational functional modeling necessary?

Damian Keil a1 and Keith Davids a1
a1 Psychology Research Group, Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager, Cheshire ST7 2HL, United Kingdom {k.davids; d.keil}


Arbib et al.'s comprehensive review of neural organization, over-relies on modernist concepts and restricts our understanding of brain and behavior. Reliance on terms like coding, transformation, and representation perpetuates a “black-box approach” to the study of the brain. Recognition is due to the authors for attempting to introduce postmodern concepts such as chaos and self-organization to the study of neural organization. However, confusion occurs in the implementation of “biologically rooted” schema theory in which schemas are viewed as computer programs. The inclusion of an additional functional level between structure and dynamics is unnecessary in a postmodernist perspective of brain and behavior.