Journal of Materials Research

Invited Feature Paper

High-throughput experimentation in resistive gas sensor materials development

Clemens J. Bellea1 and Ulrich Simona1 c1

a1 Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University, 52074 Aachen, Germany; and JARA-Fundamentals of Future Information Technologies, 52074 Aachen, Germany


The review describes the workflow of a high-throughput screening process for the rapid identification of new and improved gas sensor materials. Multiple nanoparticulate metal oxides were synthesized via the polyol method, and material diversity was achieved by volume and/or surface doping. The resulting materials were applied as thick films on multielectrode substrates to serve as chemiresistors. This high-throughput approach including automated preparation, complex impedance measurements, and evaluation procedures enables reproducible measurements and their visual representation. Selected examples demonstrate the state of the art for applying high-throughput impedance spectroscopy in search of new sensitive and selective gas sensing materials as well as in analyzing structure–property relations.

(Received July 17 2012)

(Accepted September 19 2012)

Key Words:

  • chemical composition;
  • electrical properties;
  • sensor


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