Journal of Latin American Studies

Pushing Back the Boundaries: Social Policy, Domestic Violence and Women's Organisations in Peru 1

a1 Centre for International Development, University of Bradford.

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This article looks at the extent to which Peruvian women have been able to use a legal and institutional framework designed to combat domestic violence, despite its significant defects, in order to transform the authoritarian forms of communication that prevail in their families, organisations, and communities. Using in-depth interviews with women in Lima, Huancavelica and Ayacucho, the article suggests that while democratisation from above may often result in limited transformations in many policy areas, we must be attentive to the way in which democratisation can be appropriated, transformed and reinvigorated from below.

(Published Online April 27 2006)


1 I would like to thank Paulo Drinot for his readings and support, and the four anonymous referees for their valuable suggestions.