Microscopy and Microanalysis


Electron Microscopy, Second Edition, John J. Bozzola and Lonnie D. Russell. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., Sudbury, MA, 1999, 670 pages (hardback, $56.25). ISBN 0-7637-0192-0

Bob  Price  a1
a1 Instrumentation Resource Facility, Dept. Developmental Biology & Anatomy, School of Medicine, University of South Carolina

Electron Microscopy by John Bozzola and Lonnie Russell continues to be a text of choice for instruction in classes that cover beginning electron microscopy for biologists and should also be on the bookshelf of all technologists that work with biological specimens for transmission or scanning EM. The first chapter in the book presents a brief, but interesting, history of the development of instrumentation and techniques for specimen preparation and sets the stage for the wealth of practical information that is presented in the remaining twenty chapters. These chapters are laid out in a logical chronological fashion of exactly what one must do to start with an unfixed specimen and end with a publication quality micrograph.